new game/eco practicum


7 paintings on canvas
dimensions: 180 x 150 cm
Interactive animation
24 digital prints

Man in the imaginary world. This weightless space contains whiteness which is defined by the singular elements of the digital world, 
texts and oily stains. A new series of paintings become levels of the game that you need to pass in the process of learning the lessons 
which every painting provides for us. Computer commands "back" and "next" point to the illusion of man's power to control nature 
and the processes that occur in it. These commands lead us through the levels or bring us back to the previous or next image in the game. 
Other elements of the paintings complete the experience of leading the viewer through the virtual reality, where even the living world 
(such as plants or animals) are shown as a form of electronic information.


interactive animation

Web game is leading the viewer by using abstract assignments who are irritated by random clicks on symbols taken from nature. 
The viewer then gets information about why are important good relations with the environment. Audio put together with images also 
contributes in creating a surrealistic world of human’s defected relation with his environment. By clicking around we are combining 
different pieces of imaginary world, and that world is in advance set to doom because of the human’s careless behavior.

Digital prints

Will the landscape of the future conclude a man also? Will everything that is around us exist, or a landscape will continue to exist but 
with its new system of survival? New landscape is a space of possible future that speaks about consequences of contemporary 
man on its existence. If you didn’t learn your lessons from “Ekopraktikum” meet the world that is lost its identity that we know today. 
Borders of new landscape are set; its hard and lifeless atmosphere is not accepting a man for manipulator of its further shapes.