bio-degradable thoughts

site-specific project
Ečka, Serbia

Photographs that recorded process of marking flora in the vicinity of Ecka, consists of textual 
messages of the abstract content related to unconsciousness influence of the man to the nature, 
damaging factors and brought up consequences. Labels are “marking” the conciseness on 
importance of preserving the nature we live in and they are part of imagined guide thought the rules of 
ecology as science and points out importance of its knowledge in theory and practically. Drawings that 
follow the text are types of herbsand animals typical for Ecka vicinity and surrounding. Information and 
knowledge on ecological situation in Ecka, Tsar's pond and surrounding are gathered and documented 
as experiential material in biodegradable form of the book made out of recycled cardboard. In order to 
transmit the message on jeopardized existence of certain herbs and animals living in the area of Tsar's 
pond a book “Bio-degradable thoughts” derived as the result of researching the condition of the living 
world of special nature reservation “Old Begej –Tsar's pond”.

sketch book